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Collaboration with Colleen Kinsella

Our printmaking II class hosted local artist Colleen Kinsella at Bowdoin this week. She introduced us to many screen printing techniques, such as watercolor monotype, stencils, and integrating etching-based images into screen printing.

This image is a collaboration between student Sarah M Steffen with a burned screen by Colleen Kinsella. See more of Colleen’s work here.

The Future is Now

the future is FEmale

Sarah Steffen

Subtractive monotype with texture prints.

Can we reclaim the iconography that has been used to put us down? Can sensitivity be strength? the future is FEmale asks us to look beyond our initial impressions and consider the nature of bubble wrap. It is weak or strong? Protective and tough, used for gift giving and commercial packaging. Is it eggs or a bee hive?

Please email with questions.