I am a printmaker, writer, and public health professional based in Washington, DC. I moved to Maine from Minnesota to attend Bowdoin College in 2013, and enjoyed discovering many facets of Maine life.Maine has previewed what a Trump regime might look like, and we are going to be instrumental in calling his bluffs and protecting our planet. After graduating in May, I moved to DC to work as a sex educator and HIV specialist.

My art is political this year because I feel that making anything else would be negligent. I stand with all women, immigrants, refugees, Muslims, and others whose rights are at stake in America today.

I love printmaking because it is a fascinating process of careful planning and problem-solving. It is a treat to see something completely unexpected come out of the press. I am consistently fascinated by the way that colors blend and wiping adds life to a print.

Thank you Professor Mary Hart and the Bowdoin art department for showing me the power and vitality of visual artistic expression.

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